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Two Pack Epoxy Floor Paint Tough Chemical Resistant 5Lt

What you are buying:

This is a superior two pack epoxy floor paint with a uniquely simple 1:1 mixing ratio.

On curing it produces a smooth glossy finish which has excellent resistance to chemicals, abrasion, scuffing, scratches, petrol, oils, diesel, etc. in the most aggressive of environments.

This product is ideal for use in factories, workshops, garages, warehouses, refineries, plating plants, etc. To achieve the best results on bare concrete two coats are recommended.

Product benefits:

* Tough, durable and hard wearing finish

* Easy 1:1 mixing

* Modern epoxy resins

* Excellent chemical resistance

* Resistant to diesel, oil & petrol

* Ideal for aggressive industrial environments

How to use:

  1. Sweep up loose debris.
  2. Add the 2.5lt of Activator B to the 2.5lt of Base A and mix thoroughly to ensure uniformity. This will give you 5 litres of paint.
  3. Apply and leave to dry overnight.
  4. If required apply a second coat and leave to dry overnight.
  5. NOTE: The second coat should be applied within two days of applying the first coat. If this is not possible then a period of ten days should lapse before applying the second coat.

Size: 5 Litres. Will cover 50 square metres.

Colours: Medium Grey & Tile Red. Please specify the colour you require at the time of ordering.

Technical Data:

Standard colours Medium Grey & Tile Red.

Dry film appearance Smooth and glossy

Spreading rate 5 litres will cover 200 square metres

Mixing Ratio 1:1 by volume

Pot life 10 hours

Touch Dry @ 20oC 1 hour

Hard dry @ 20oC Overnight

Fully cured @ 20oC 5 to 7 days

V.O.C. content 570 grams p/lt

Application methods Roller or brush

Substrates Clean dry concrete, wood & metal floors

Thinners & tool cleaning KPT06

Flash point 22oC to 32oC

Shelf life. 12 months

Min` application temp` 7oC