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Soft Feel Anti-Slip Floor Paint Shower Room Horse Box

Product benefits:

Excellent anti-slip properties.

Contains Crumb Rubber for a unique, “Soft feel”

Instant safety to any floor, ramp, steps etc.

Outstanding durability.

Chemical resistant.

Simple to apply on a wide range of surfaces.

FREE delivery to any UK mainland address. (Others at cost, please email for a price)


Recommended for use on: 

Walk-ways                 Fire escapes            Horse boxes                   Wheel chair ramps

Flat bed trucks          Stable floors             Shower rooms               Swimming pool surrounds

Boat decks                Jetty                           Inflatable dinghy’s          Rubber pontoons

Factory floors            Tail lifts                      Scaffolding                     Play ground equipment


What you are buying:

Protecta-Kote contains Rubber Crumbs to give a soft textured finish.

This Crumb Rubber gives a, “Soft feel” to the dry paint film.

This, “Soft feel” provides outstanding grip and anti-slip properties.

This paint is flexible enough to give a smooth ride to fork lift trucks, pallet barrows etc in commercial and industrial environments.

Highly recommended for use with horses & livestock etc because the, “Soft feel” gives instant confidence to the animal on slippery or sloping surfaces and it is non-abrasive.

It is waterproof, totally flexible and chemical resistant.

1) How to prepare:

This is a professional quality products and for the best results it is important to use the correct preparation for different substrates.


Lightly abrade the surface.

Apply an Etch Primer prior to applying Protecta-Kote.


For new concrete etch prior to painting.

Old concrete that is clean and dry will not require etching.

Fibre glass:

Abrade the surface to remove all glossiness.

Clean with Pre-Wipe KPT00 prior to painting.

Ferrous metal:

Un-primed:  Lightly abrade the surface prior to painting.

Primed:       Protecta-Kote adheres well to primed metal.

Galvanised: Etch Primer required prior to applying Protecta-Kote.

Non ferrous metal:

Lightly abrade the surface prior to painting.

Apply an Etch Primer prior to the Protecta-Kote.


Lightly abrade the surface.

Apply a Primer for Plastic prior to the Protecta-Kote.


Abrade the surface.

Clean with Pre-Wipe KPT00 prior to painting.


If the surface is smooth, abrade the surface prior to painting.


2) How to apply:  


For the best results apply two coats.


By brush:

a) Apply a generous coat onto the surface.

b) Avoid over brushing as this will cause bald patches.

c) When the first coat is touch dry, apply the second coat at 900 to the first coat.


By roller:

a) Use an open foam stipple roller.

b) Apply a generous even coat when touch dry, apply the second coat at 900  to the first coat.


Size & coverage:   1 Litre which will cover 12 square feet with two coats.


Colours:  Black, Blue, Green & Grey. (If you need to see the colours please let me know and we will email them to you.)


How to order:

1) Choose the colour(s) you require from the list above.

2) Order the quantity of tins you require via the listing.

3) Then at the bottom of the Pay Pal form where it says NOTES. Enter the colour(s) you require.

 If you require help deciding:


a) Which is the best prepartion for you.

b) Which products you need

c) How much you need.


Please send me details of the size of the area you need to paint and what it is made of. 

We will email a list of what you need and, "Step by step" instuctiosn of how to achive the best result.